Sultana's Operation

  Clean industry certificate from SEMARNAT
  SEMARNAT competitive project
  SEMARNAT's Voluntary Program for reporting and controlling green house gas emissions
  Working on ISO-14000 certificate
  Permanent donation and development programs that supply economic, material or time resources to the community and the environment

Supply Chain

  Permanent projects that measure and reduce the environmental impact through the life cycle of the package

Integral Policy


In Sultana we are committed to fulfill our customers’ requirements and to generate value to their supply chain. We seek profitability through our operating systems while complying with the legal standards that apply to us and to the ones that we voluntarily adhere. We care for the safety and health of our employees, support our community and protect the environment by using preventive and corrective systems.

To achieve these purposes, we operate according to our values and perform our activities under a dynamic continuous improvement program that meets ISO-9001, 14000 and OHSAS 18001 standards.